Halloween Safety Tips


Posted on 26th October 2010 by Rita in NCL News & Events

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Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

Halloween is so much fun! The excitement of dressing up in a costume is something that even some of us adults understand is a great way to spice up your day from all the rest in the year. But unfortunately Halloween is the one night out of the year that sees child pedestrian death rates double. (http://www.safekids.org/our-work/news-press-releases/halloween.html)

Parents – remember your part. (more…)

What should a stay at home Parent be Paid?


Posted on 25th October 2010 by Rita in Life Insurance |TERM Life Insurance |WHOLE LIFE Insurance

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Stay at Home Parents Income

Have you ever imagined what a stay at home Parent’s salary would be? I have a friend who has the privilege of having this job, but recently she has felt completely overwhelmed with her weekly duties. Which had me thinking what exactly would the amount be if she were paid a salary for all the things she does in a week. Stay at home parents are often faced with the daily challenge (more…)

Term Life Insurance Myths

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Posted on 13th October 2010 by Rita in Life Insurance |TERM Life Insurance

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Term Life Insurance Myths

Are you one the skeptics when it come to Life Insurance? I truly believe if you are, you don’t know what is true and what is not. Here are a few common term life insurance misconceptions…

Myth No. 1: I’m single and don’t have any dependents, I don’t need any life insurance coverage. Even single people need at least (more…)