What is… the Gift of LOVE?


Posted on 9th February 2011 by Rita in Life Insurance |TERM Life Insurance |WHOLE LIFE Insurance

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Valentine Gift of Love

Looking for that Extra Special Valentine’s Day Gift?

How about Giving the gift of Love this Valentines Day!

A Real expression of Love to those you care about the most.

Something that shows loved ones you care so much that you’ve made plans to provide for them… in your absence.


Super Bowl Fans – Did You Have a Favorite?

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Posted on 7th February 2011 by Rita in NCL News & Events

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Super Bowl XLV Ads

Congrats Green Bay Packer Fans. A great game to watch this year, really kept people on the the edge of their seats and mostly jumping up and down in front of screens yelling at it.

Did you have a favorite Super Bowl Ad? From Super Bowl XLV, that’s 45 for you non-roman numeral type people. (Feel free to add your comment below sharing which one was your favorite and why.) At the time of this posting… Doritos and Bud Light are tied in the 2011 USA TODAY Super Bowl Ad Meter. I think my personal favorite is: Volkswagon’s Young Darth Vader. (more…)