Are you wearing your GREEN?


Posted on 17th March 2011 by Rita in NCL News & Events

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st patrick's day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Do you have a Wacky St. Patrick’s Day Tradition? A Crazy celebration you do with your family? Do you cook up and enjoy some corned beef and cabbage to enjoy with the family? If so here’s a great recipe from

There is some great history on St. Patrick’s Day if that sort of thing interests you. Check it out at Wikepedia I was surprised to find out that the Chicago River is dyed green each year for the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

What are You Doing With Your Tax Refund?


Posted on 15th March 2011 by Rita in Life Insurance |TERM Life Insurance

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As I mentioned in last years post “Average Tax Refund and Life Insurance” the average tax refund was $3036. According to this has risen slightly in 2011 to $3129.

Planning ahead is key when it comes to Life Insurance. I’m still baffled at the amount of requests I receive from individuals or family members with a love one who is very ill and now see the need for Life Insurance. Naturally an illness puts people into a planning mode and wanting to prepare the best they can


Life Insurance is like any other insurance. You must (more…)