Traditional and Roth IRAs


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What is an IRA?

  • IRA stands for: Individual Retirement Account.
  • Basically an IRA is a savings account providing big tax breaks and making it an excellent savings vehicle for your retirement cash.
  • Introduced in 1974 under the Employment Retirement Security Act and for a time was restricted to workers who did not have coverage with a qualified employment based retirement plan. This changed in 1981 with the Economic Recovery Tax Act, allowing all taxpayers under the age of 70½ to contribute to the IRA.
  • There are several different types of IRAs: Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, and Simple IRAs.

What is a Roth IRA? (more…)



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What is a SEP IRA? 

  • Simplified Employee Pension Individual Retirement Account
  • A version of the IRA adopted by self-employed persons, and business owners.
  • Gives the self-employed person away to fund their retirement programs with pre-tax dollars as if under a (more…)

How Does Life Insurance Protect?


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8 Common ways Life Insurance protects:

Life Insurance provides for unexpected & preplanned Funeral/Final Expenses.Funerals are more expensive then you may realize. Many sources agree… Funerals are considered one of the most expensive purchases many consumers will make. (view Federal Trade Commission – Facts for consumers).

Life Insurance provides for Additional Fundsto be available. Used to pay the mortgage or other (more…)

Sticker Shock Affects your Decision – life insurance mistake #7


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Sticker Shock…

The purpose of Life Insurance is to PROVIDE. It is not intended to PROVIDE with superabundance.

Most people think Life Insurance is “Too Expensive”. Probably in part because many do not understand the actual cost of insuring a life. (view: life insurance needs worksheet)

Would your household have trouble meeting expenses if the primary or secondary income earner died today?

Many reports are stating the U.S. Is at a 50 year low for life insurance ownership. In turn this means (more…)