Does your Life Insurance Company keep you informed?


Posted on 14th November 2011 by DianaBuchmann in Life Insurance |NCL News & Events

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By Diana Buchmann, FLMI, ACS, Assistant V.P. Policy Service and Claims North Coast Life Ins. Co.

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Recently I received a call from a long-time policy holder, calling in response to a notice he received about the interest rate adjustment for his Versatile Life policy with North Coast Life. This gentlemen has maintained this policy since 1984, along with the understanding the premium is not a fixed amount and may change at times. Which must have been why he so (more…)

Why Do We Wait Until It’s Too Late?


Posted on 1st November 2011 by Rita in Life Insurance

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A very sad and unfortunate fact: The benefits of life insurance are often recognized after disaster strikes. Why?… You are an insurance consumer. You have car insurance, home mortgage insurance, renters insurance, maybe motorcycle and boat insurance. Why the aversion for life insurance?

You may consider yourself a responsible person… and life insurance is a very important ingredient to being that responsible person. When you die, you pass along a financial burden to those (more…)

Favorite Halloween Treats… Do you have one?


Posted on 14th October 2011 by Rita in NCL News & Events

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Halloween Candy Trivia

Sure, kids love to dress-up and go trick-or-treating because it’s FUN! But the real excitement is in receiving all those candy treats. (Or is it? See below the candy trivia for more information.)

Here’s a little Halloween Candy Trivia I found from on some popular Halloween Candies. (oh btw also has great decorating ideas for Halloween too.)

Candy Corn: was made March through November when it appeared in the 1880s
Snickers: Named after a horse… that’s right a horse owned (more…)

Is Your Business At Risk?


Posted on 3rd October 2011 by Rita in FREE Consumer Guides |How To's of Life Insurance

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Many successful businesses are closely held between two or more owners. What happens to these businesses if one of the owners prematurely dies? Will the business continue? Usually the remaining owner(s) often mange the business successfully. However, without having the financial ability to acquire the deceased owner’s share of the business from the estate or heirs, may prove to be a problem without a plan in place.

Unfortunately many business have evaporated upon the owners death simply because there was not a (more…)

Providing Higher Education with Life Insurance


Posted on 28th September 2011 by Rita in FREE Consumer Guides |How To's of Life Insurance

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As parents we do all we can to provide our children with opportunities to succeed. If the unexpected occurs, the death benefit proceeds from a Life Insurance policy can be used to fund College or other higher educational schooling.

A 2012 Bloomberg report finds that the cost of college tuition has soared 12 fold in 30 years. The same report shares some grim news that this rate has outpaced the price of inflation on consumer goods, medical expense and food. Most of us know that College Tuition is expensive, but with these staggering findings it may put a bit more urgency in protecting this opportunity for our children.

When there is a policy in place to cover your child’s college tuition should there be a pre-mature death, the surviving spouse and child(ren) will not endure this financial burden. Many variations are available for obtaining college tuition insurance coverage. You may feel it is best to have this coverage from the time your child(ren) are born or you may decide it is better to have a term policy only during the time your child(ren) are in college.

What ever is best for your personal situation, talking with your insurance representative about the different options available is the first step. Continuing to provide opportunities of success for your children with life insurance proceeds can make one of the biggest differences in their lives.

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