Failure to have an Annual Policy Checkup – life insurance mistake #8


Posted on 17th January 2012 by Rita in Life Insurance |Life Insurance Mistakes

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annual policy checkup

Problems tend to occur when a life insurance policy is purchased, and payments are continually provided without ever making sure the policy continues to meet your present day needs. 

A shocking number of policies are payable to ex-spouses or others whom the insured would NOT have wanted to receive the proceeds since things have changed from the time the policy was originally put into place. A common occurrence overlooked (more…)

New Year – New Inspiration


Posted on 4th January 2012 by Rita in Life Insurance |NCL News & Events

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new years rosolutions i resolve to

The start of a new year – give’s many of us inspiration to rid ourselves of all the bad habits we have accumulated and do better for ourselves and others. The annual time to reflect on changes we want (or need) to make, and resolve to follow through on these changes.

Here are the Top 10 new years Resolutions for 2012 (brought to you by: 2011Resolutions) with tips on how to keep them. (more…)