Is your Retirement Savings Hidden?


Posted on 16th April 2012 by Rita in Annuities

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hide your money is it best?

Hidden away life savings… Where is your Retirement Money? Would you answer: Mattress, cookie jar, in a coffee can buried in the back yard… or would you say it’s in Investments, 401k and/or annuities.

No doubt there are many different possibilities an individual can utilize for saving money. Learning all your options before choosing an investment plan, usually is the smartest way to go about this task.

I wanted to share a story about an 80-year-old man who kept his life savings (more…)

Anonymous Hacker Group in Spokane?


Posted on 10th April 2012 by Rita in NCL News & Events

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hacker group anonymous mask on bloomsday runners

Today in in our Great City of Spokane, WA. It looks as though Legendary hacker group Anonymous is either making a visit or are living among us.

The steel sculpture of runners in Riverfront Park are sporting the Anonymous mask. This sculpture is directly in front of Spokane City Hall. So is this a statement for our great leaders in City Hall or is it a completely different statement altogether? I suppose if I put forth a little more effort in researching this I may come up with some more realistic answers. For now it looks as though we may have been tagged Spokane.

(Spokane’s Riverfront Park sculpture named: The Joy of Running Together, depicts runners of all kinds in celebration of the annual Bloomsday run. Spokanites are very proud to host the largest timed road running race in the world.)

A Little Easter Candy History


Posted on 6th April 2012 by Rita in NCL News & Events

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Happy Easter Image

Easter one of the most important holidays in Christianity, celebrating the resurrection of Christ. Has a secular celebration marking the arrival of spring. On Easter Sunday many of us enjoy celebrating with candy filled baskets and Easter egg hunts.

A fun fact I came across was… Easter is second top-selling candy holiday just after Halloween? The National Confectioners Association has a few fun facts about Easter and the treat associated with the Christian Holiday. Including the largest Easter egg every made and the number of (more…)