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Posted on 10th May 2013 by Rita in NCL News & Events

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Thank you, for your caring heart, loving hands, many pearl’s of wisdom, your grace, patience, encouragement and most of all your LOVE.

To all Mom’s Have a Wonderful Mother’s Day!

Root Canal or Life Insurance Shopping?

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Posted on 10th May 2013 by Rita in Life Insurance

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Hmm is that an easy one for you to choose? I recently read that one in 5 Americans would rather have a root canal than look into their life insurance needs. This was a study done some time ago by the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education.

Yikes! – Really? A root canal over learning about your Life Insurance needs. Sad thing is I don’t think this statistic would be much different if done today

I get it….. Hard times continue for many Americans (myself included). People have to cut back on many living expenses to make ends meet. It’s unfortunate that most do not realize… In most cases for about the same or a little more than the cost of a night out at the movies, families are protected from the debt and financial lifestyle change following an unexpected loss of the income earner.

Getting through the initial loss, upset and grief is extremely difficult on it’s own… without the addition of how to pay for everyday living expenses and the expense of a funeral and/or medical bills etc.

Life Insurance gives loved ones the chance to regroup and time needed to heal after an unexpected loss. It also eliminates the added stress of how to pay the bills. Let your loved ones focus on healing during this most difficult time and preserve their lifestyle, instead of merely surviving.

I hope that all uninsured families will take the time and effort to learn about their life insurance needs and speak with a knowledgeable life insurance representative to help them understand what is best for their individual situation. To get started, you may want to begin reading blog posts on this subject. This will help you become familiar with the insurance process and industry. Here’s a great post on “How to prepare for the conversation with your life insurance agent” Find out what questions to ask during this conversation and the life insurance lingo.

When you are ready to have a discussion about an insurance policy, an independent insurance agent will be glad to go over any concerns and questions you may have. Or you are welcome to contact North Coast Life Insurance through our blog contact page to receive information you need about this important product.

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