Average Tax Refund and Life Insurance

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Posted on 6th April 2010 by Rita in Life Insurance

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Did you know that the average tax refund an American receives is around $3036

per USA Today Article

This had me thinking that one of the most common excuses I hear why someone does not have Life Insurance is the expense. When hearing the amount of the average American tax refund and knowing that you can save a bundle when you pay your Life Insurance premium on a yearly basis instead of monthly, made me wonder… Why more people are not taking advantage of this money saving opportunity and providing the protection for the ones they love the most?

To explain further – Term Life Insurance is the cheapest type of life insurance out there… and taking the average tax refund ($3036)… you would only be using a portion of that refund to pay for the premium on Term Life Insurance annually. So there you have it. Pay for term life insurance annually with your tax refund, means you have no premium payment due for the rest of the year and you feel no sting for having to make the yearly payment from your refund money. Plan for this every year and there will be no surprises for you in the future. Besides your family will be grateful that you thought of their needs.

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