What is an Annuity?


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annuity growth smart money

An annuity is a type of insurance product that can provide income you cannot outlive. Generally used as part of a retirement strategy, annuities are able to provide a steady stream of income, making it a popular choice among investors.

Here’s how an annuity works: (more…)

What Does Final Expense Insurance Do?


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Funerals: One of those subjects no one likes to think about, especially when it is our own. On the other hand; If it’s hard for you to think about funerals, imagine your loved ones having to plan your funeral with out knowledge of your wishes and struggling to come up with the funds to pay for your final arrangements. The last thing anyone wants to think about after they lose a loved one is how to pay for all the final arrangements.

Coping with the grief of death is hard enough without having to worry about
final arrangement expenses.

When Final Expense Life Insurance is in place it helps ease the financial burdens of final arrangements by paying for the many costs associated with final arrangements, while allowing loved ones to focus on the issues that matter most when a death occurs.

Having a Final Expense Insurance policy means you are covered for your entire lifetime. Premiums and benefits are guaranteed to remain the same as long as the whole life policy is in effect and premiums paid. This type of insurance is affordable, has a simplified underwriting process, builds cash value and available in a variety of face values.

North Coast Life’s final expense policies are available in face amounts ranging from $2,500 up to a maximum of $25,000. These face amounts are less than a standard life insurance policy, because the main purpose of these policies are to cover final expenses (funeral). Final Expense policies are NOT intended to cover ongoing living costs, college, large debt or retirement funding for beneficiaries. (click for product brochure)

Will my coverage change? No, your policy is guaranteed to stay the same
Can my premiums change as I get older? No, your premiums are guaranteed to stay the same, and your policy stay with you for a lifetime.
Is the policy guaranteed to my satisfaction? You have a no risk 30-day free look money-back-guarantee.
Can the policy be canceled? NCL insurance company cannot cancel your policy except in the case of fraud or failure of premium payment.

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Traditional and Roth IRAs


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What is an IRA?

  • IRA stands for: Individual Retirement Account.
  • Basically an IRA is a savings account providing big tax breaks and making it an excellent savings vehicle for your retirement cash.
  • Introduced in 1974 under the Employment Retirement Security Act and for a time was restricted to workers who did not have coverage with a qualified employment based retirement plan. This changed in 1981 with the Economic Recovery Tax Act, allowing all taxpayers under the age of 70½ to contribute to the IRA.
  • There are several different types of IRAs: Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP IRAs, and Simple IRAs.

What is a Roth IRA? (more…)



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What is a SEP IRA? 

  • Simplified Employee Pension Individual Retirement Account
  • A version of the IRA adopted by self-employed persons, and business owners.
  • Gives the self-employed person away to fund their retirement programs with pre-tax dollars as if under a (more…)

Waiting to Buy Life Insurance – life insurance mistake #6


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life insurance mistakes

Waiting to Buy Life Insurance…

Regardless of the reasons you may have, it’s important to take action as soon as you feel a policy is required. Even single adults may need Life Insurance if it would be a burden for loved ons to cover your finally expense or medical bills. View “Life Insurance for Single Adults. Is it Needed?”

VERY IMPORTANT -If you only remember one thing from this blog post this is it. ►Life Insurance rates generally increase as (more…)