Christmas Giving, Love and Laughter


Posted on 21st December 2012 by Rita in NCL News & Events

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merry Christmas

During the giving season, I love hearing about all the wonderful Spirit of Giving stories. This time of year is so hard on many of us that it takes some extra oomph to get through the season. For me hearing about the genuine “good” someone is doing for another is very encouraging. The “Giving Spirit” is quite special… you are touching the lives of others, often making a life-changing difference. No matter how big or small one may think the gesture is.

Of course since I live in the world of life insurance – I truly believe Life Insurance is one of the most selfless gifts you could ever give!

When you give this wonderful gift you may be giving the funds for the mortgage payment, a college education, medical bills or providing for daily living expenses.

Life insurance is your line of defense. Life insurance provides a protective measure for your loved one’s.

We insure our homes, cars, boats, motorcycles and health… why not your Life? Life insurance empowers you to make generous financial contribution to your loved ones or a charity, when you may not have many assets. Your gift will help ensure the future of your family, children and loved ones to have a strong personal financial situation, especially if they depend on your income.

Established in 1965 in Spokane, WA. North Coast Life Insurance Company (NCL) has remained focused on providing solutions for you and those you love most. How we serve you is as important as the products we provide you. Genuine personal service is first and for most. We listen to you… discuss your needs… while answering your questions and providing guidance to put your insurance needs in perspective with both your short term and long term goals.

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Rita Sollie, Direct Insurance Representative with North Coast Life Insurance Company (NCL). Just genuine and honest service. We don’t sell insurance, we solve problems. I welcome the opportunity to show you what NCL can do for your Life Insurance and Financial needs.
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