Favorite Halloween Treats… Do you have one?


Posted on 14th October 2011 by Rita in NCL News & Events

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Halloween Candy Trivia

Sure, kids love to dress-up and go trick-or-treating because it’s FUN! But the real excitement is in receiving all those candy treats. (Or is it? See below the candy trivia for more information.)

Here’s a little Halloween Candy Trivia I found from www.kaboose.com on some popular Halloween Candies. (oh btw kaboose.com also has great decorating ideas for Halloween too.)

Candy Corn: was made March through November when it appeared in the 1880s
Snickers: Named after a horse… that’s right a horse owned by the Mars family. The family that owns the confectionery company Mars, Inc.
Peeps: Not just for Easter, this marshmallow treat does circles around the earth twice from the peeps made in one year.
3 Musketeers: Every wonder why it’s the 3 Musketeers? What are the 3? Originally (1932), it had three pieces in one package, flavored chocolate, strawberry and vanilla (via: wikipedia.org) Awe now there’s the 3.
Tootsie Roll: Austrian immigrant Leo Hirschfeld wanted a chocolate candy that would not melt easily, therefore producing one of the first penny candies named after the nickname for his daughter “Tootsie”.
M&M’s: Originated in the United States in 1941, and named after the surnames of their inventors, Forrest Mars, Sr., and Bruce Murrie.
Milky Way: Similar to the 3 Musketeers, but created earlier in 1923 from the popular taste of the then famed malted milk drink (milkshake). Hence Milky Way.
Junior Mints: These small rounds of dark chocolate with mint filling, were introduced in 1949 by James Welch who’s favorite Broadway show was Junior Miss. Humm?

The trivia on our beloved sugar treats is fun and I really like the history parts… but If your anything like me… I believe we consume way too much sugar every year from October to the end of the December. My alternative to this, is a new favorite treat I handout every Halloween. Think non-food items as in, Halloween pencils, stickers, rub on tattoos, play-doh, spider rings, noise makers etc.    

The best way to go about not breaking the bank when purchasing such items is to hit the after holiday sales and stock up for the next year. I have been doing this for years now and the kids absolutely love picking out a non-candy goody. And I love seeing the excitement on their faces time and time again as they turn around and yell out to their parent waiting at the end of the walk, “I GOT A TOY, LOOK AT THIS….!!!!!”. Even the older kids enjoy it. Parents Thank me every year for handing out such great “treats” for Halloween, like their anticipating the agony after such a festive time when you go home and need to put the candy away. I think every kid out there throws a fit over this one. But when they actually get to keep the toy with them and it doesn’t get put away I think this cuts down of the much loathed fit throwing, besides keeping a smile on all those cute little faces.

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