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Posted on 14th March 2013 by Rita in Life Insurance

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get the best life insurance rates from your agent

Independent Insurance Agents are trained and experienced in assessing your personal financial risks and choosing the most appropriate risk management strategies that work with your budget.

Did you know that both consumers and insurance carriers benefit from the use of Independent Insurance Agents? Really it’s true… check out all these benefits:

  • First, independent agents are not employees of insurance carriers. They are independent contractors for the insurance carriers.
  • This means the independent agent will represent the interests of the consumer and is able to offer and explain the differences between a variety of different products from many different insurance carriers.
  • Having access to many different carrier products also means an agent can help you get the best insurance rate possible.
  • Independent agents are a critical link between consumers and the insurance companies (carriers). Not only do they provide and service insurance products, they educate and advise clients (you) on the best way to manage financial risk and make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Independent agents have a wealth of information about the products that are available to you and which products will work best for the protection you are seeking. Agents will share the pro’s and con’s of the different insurance products.
  • Since the insurance agent understands how the different policies function, the agent will customize a plan just for you.
  • The carriers (insurance companies) do not have the associated costs of an employee, such as: benefits, expense reimbursement, employer FICA match etc. Since the independent insurance agents are not employees of the insurance carrier.

What to expect when meeting with your insurance agent:


When meeting with your insurance agent – he/she will proceed to get detailed knowledge of your needs in order to assess the desired business you wish to do. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions (see questions you may be asked – below). The goal of the agent is to identify risks and provide the proper methods for managing those risks along with giving you detailed explanations.


Insurance agents have been trained in risk analysis – therefore the agent will help you identify and evaluate your risks. He/She is familiar with the insurance products available in your state and can suggest options available to you from the wide range of risk management strategies. The policy will be custom tailored to your unique protection needs.


Professional insurance agents will explain the difference in benefits between the variety of risk management products available from insurance companies. Along with tailoring it to suite your budget. He/She may point out a risk you may have over looked, and clarify any questions on risks and product functionality.

Follow Through

Your agent will follow through with the application process with the insurance carrier. Once the policy has been issued, a good practice is to review your policy annually to make sure it continues to meet present day needs. You can read more about this in the post Failure to have an Annual Checkup.

Questions you may be asked…
In order for Independent Agents to provide the proper financial risk management solutions to you, agents will want to know your situation. They may start with wanting to understand the ongoing and future financial requirements of those who depend on you. Below is a list of the most common questions and topics your Insurance Agent will ask you about:

  • You and your spouses full name
  • Date of birth for you and your spouse
  • How many children do you have? Ages and date of birth for each
  • Do you have a Life Insurance plan in place now?
  • What plans have you made for final expenses?
  • Basic personal financial information
  • Family income
  • Other financial resources
  • Possible debts
  • Monthly expenditures
  • Savings investments – 401k, CDs, Annuities, etc.
  • Your main objective for the insurance plan
  • How your health has been?
  • What medications are you taking?
  • Family health history
  • Personal habits or addictions
  • Recreational activities
  • Do you have concerns with outliving your retirement income?

What NOT to do

It is not a good idea to withhold information or lie to your insurance agent. Remember the purpose of putting a policy in place is to care for those who rely on your income. Should you fib, fudge or leave out information that potentially effects the acceptance of your application by the insurance company, could mean your application will be denied.

Also to make sure that a future claim on your policy is paid out fully and immediately to your beneficiary, you should not keep anything from your agent. The insurance company uses this information, gathered by the agent, to assess your risk and adjust the premium for your coverage. As an example, you will pay a lower premium if you are a non-smoker. A higher premium may be charged if you have a chronic illness.

If the insurance company finds at a later date, that all information was not disclosed when obtaining the policy, the insurance company may delay paying out the money to your beneficiary if at all. Which completely defeats the purpose in obtaining the policy to begin with.

Call your insurance agent or financial advisor to get started. If you have questions or need assistance finding an agent in your area, feel free to contact me at North Coast Life Insurance: 800-541-5858.

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