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Posted on 20th January 2014 by Rita in Life Insurance |TERM Life Insurance |WHOLE LIFE Insurance

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Wondering what could possibly be the benefit of Life Insurance on Children?

Granted this is a uncomfortable topic to talk about, but reviewing your options before you need to can benefit you during a very emotional time. Here are a couple examples how life insurance on children is a good thing.

Covering funeral expenses is one the biggest reasons life insurance on children is a benefit. If the cost of a funeral or medical expenses would be a financial strain for parents or guardians this may be a good option to consider. Term life insurance policies are very affordable on children.

Guaranteed Insurability is another benefit. In general Children are healthy at their young age. In turn this means the life insurance is very inexpensive. Whole Life insurance policies are usually guaranteed for life as long as the premium payment is made. This means a very inexpensive premium payment. Term Life Insurance policies are even less expensive than whole life insurance policies.

Life Insurance benefits on a child:

  1. Ensure that the family will have the money for a funeral, burial, and/or medical bills, should the an unexpected death occur.
  1. Guaranteed Insurability. Ensures that the child will have coverage should medical issues develop later in life. Continuing to keep the policy in place on a child gives the child (as an adult more flexibility) when a medical issue develops. Life Insurance is very difficult to obtain with serious medical issues, if able to obtain life insurance at all.


Lets say this child who is now an adult with a medical condition, still manages to obtain Life Insurance. The cost for the coverage will be at a very high price.

Now say a child who had Life Insurance coverage in place most of their life time has been diagnosed with serious medical condition… They are still covered under their original policy (as long as the premium payment is made) and at the original premium price.

Ask any parent who has had this type of an issue happen with their family and they will tell you they are very glad to have purchased the Life Insurance for their child before a medical issue was diagnosed.

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