Is Your Tax Refund Money Well Spent?


Posted on 27th February 2013 by Rita in Life Insurance

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tax refund money well spent

The average tax refund has slightly fallen from last years $3,109 to $2,985 (statistics via: The good news is – it’s only a slight drop and still plenty of refund money to purchase your special something you may have had your eye on. Or maybe you can’t decide what to do with the extra cash… Why not use it for something meaningful and something everyone would like to have in an unfortunate time – like life insurance?

The most common reason to purchase life insurance is to provide for the people who depend on your income.

A couple of the biggest reasons I hear why someone doesn’t have life insurance, is that it is too expensive or I can’t afford it. When in reality, in most cases it is extremely affordable. Even better, for the budget minded… use your tax refund to pay your life insurance premium on a annual basis. With most life insurance companies, paying your premium on an annual basis means less money spent when compared to making a monthly payment. Which in-turn mean more savings for you. Also note, when you use your tax refund to make this yearly payment there is no sting on your bank account. Even better with the average tax refund at $2,985 you can pay your life insurance policy and still have money left for a special purchase.

Life Insurance is one of the few guarantees that can be relied on when you are no longer there to provide your income.

Planning is key … I feel for the ones who experience a death in the family, and now see the benefits of having a life insurance policy. Don’t let this be how you see the advantages and benefits of life insurance. Educate yourself now, before the need arises. Everyone’s situation is different and there is no one life insurance policy fits all. Do your homework on this or contact your insurance agent who can give you the details on what is best for your situation. If you need help in finding an agent in your area please feel free to contact me and I can help you find the right agent for you.

We recommend  putting a financial safety net in place and know that even some life insurance is always better than none.

Check out the benefits when making your premium payment annual:

  • Helps you avoid additional monthly fees, such as installment fees, which in turn saves you money.
  • Using your tax refund doesn’t strain your bank account.
  • Frees up an entire year of having to remember this payment and worry about the policy being canceled or lapsed.
  • Peace of mind you have a Financial Safety Net in Place.

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