My Top 10 Non-Sugar Treats for Halloween


Posted on 15th October 2012 by Rita in NCL News & Events

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Want to be the “Cool” House on the block this Halloween Night? I have been that house for a few years now – The one who hands out fun goodies for Halloween (instead of candy). If you’re thinking this is not a good idea. Wondering what kind of reactions you will see at your door?… I’m here to tell you I have experienced happy kiddos year after year.

Kids remember that I’m the one who gave out the “FUN” stuff the year before. It’s great to watch how excited the kiddos get when they receive a toy as their treat. Many times, after receiving their goody, they are so amazed they just can’t help returning down the walkway to their parents screaming with excitement about it.

Really I think I have more fun watching all the little super hero’s and princess’s having their fun. I will admit that the only time anyone grumbles about the toy goodies are when the older kids (teenagers) come knocking at the door, and then it’s only a few. So for those few I keep a small amount of candy… but really most of the older kids like the the alternative Halloween treats.

My secret to finding the good deals on these alternative treats is planning ahead of time. But it’s really very simple. I go to the after holiday sales and stock up on the great buys for bulk toy items. Then I simply take the bag home put it away with the rest of the Halloween decorations and I’m already set for the next year. I know if you don’t do that then what should you do? Well there are plenty of online deals and some pretty good deals in the stores before the holiday to get you started.

These non-sugar treats are also great if you’re involved in the trunker-treat or fall harvest activities that more and more schools, youth groups and churches are now participating in for their fall festivals.

Some of the favorites to go out my door are:

  1. Vampire Teeth (by far the #1 favorite)
  2. Glow Sticks/Neckless/Bracelets
  3. Knocker Noise Markers
  4. Stickers
  5. Bouncy Balls
  6. Pencils
  7. Finger Puppets
  8. Temporary Tattoos
  9. Small Toy Bugs
  10. Stencil Rulers

Here’s a great blog post that has prices to some of the goodies mentioned: Alternatives to Candy for Halloween

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