No Need to Fear the Life Insurance Talk.


Posted on 22nd November 2010 by Rita in Life Insurance |TERM Life Insurance

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Don’t let Fear stop you from having this critical conversation

There never is a a good time to talk about death, but delaying this… does not bring a better time or situation when it is better.

According to a recent State Farm Survey 74% say they rarely or never discuss this taboo subject. Although more people say life insurance is more important today than it was two years ago, because of the economic uncertainty. There seems to be a fear of bringing up the subject. I can somewhat understand. But think of how much worse it would be if the primary income earner dies without life insurance in place to care for remaining family and loved ones.

Cost seems to be the most significant factor in making the Life Insurance purchase decision.

Misconception: Life Insurance Is expensive. FALSE! Life Insurance is more affordable than ever. See for yourself with the Insure Your Family rate calculator.

If you still feel the premium is too high for the amount of coverage you would like …. I say “some is always better than none!” Even if it only covers final expenses.

Some is Better Than None
Waiting to Buy Life Insurance” Life Insurance Mistakes

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  1. Life Insurance in Georgia says:

    Many people refuse to talk about life insurance because it will eventually lead to the subject of death, an even more unwelcome subject. However, wouldn’t it be better to discuss insurance now than when the time comes that you need it but don’t have it? Insurance shouldn’t be considered a taboo subject; in fact, it should be talked about with the air of comfort because it is what will make sure that your loved ones are set in the event of your death.

    22nd November 2010 at 9:41 pm

  2. Rita says:

    Thank you, Jeff for all your wise and excellent advice on this very important subject.

    22nd November 2010 at 9:29 am

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