How Life Insurance works for children


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kids life insurance

Wondering what could possibly be the benefit of Life Insurance on Children?

Granted this is a uncomfortable topic to talk about, but reviewing your options before you need to can benefit you during a very emotional time. Here are a couple examples how life insurance on children is a good thing.

Covering funeral expenses is one the biggest reasons life insurance on children is a benefit. If the cost of a (more…)

When Do I Need Life Insurance?


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enjoy life don't worry about your loved ones

6 Life-Style Examples…

Young Families: Young families and those considering starting a family, may want to think seriously about life insurance. At this point in life it would be to your advantage to obtain life insurance since rates are lower at younger ages and can be locked in for a predetermined amount of time.

Established Families: Having a family and/or others who depend on you simply means you have a definite need for Life Insurance, unless you have some mega savings account that (more…)

The Unforgettable Gift…


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the unforgettable christmas gift

What is it that would be the most unforgettable and thoughtful gift you can give? Well it isn’t something purchased, or craft together with your creative talents. It is time and thoughtfulness you give to another person as LOVE. This is why the handmade coupons for a Free foot-rub or back massage are so popular and appreciated. You are giving your time and love to the other person. Don’t we all appreciate it when we know someone has thought about us for sometime and it didn’t become clear to you until much later, how much effort this person (more…)

Fireworks Safety


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fireworks safety

Sparkler Warning: Sparklers are Fun and seem harmless, however they burn between 1200°-2000° degrees. Enough to melt metal, and are among the highest cause of fireworks injuries. (many requiring hospitalization).

Follow the Law: Follow the laws in your local area. If firework products are illegal, enjoy your local fireworks display.

Use a flat surface: When lighting fireworks make sure you are using a stable flat surface away from homes, autos, trees, dry leaves, grass and brush. (more…)

Undervalue a Spouse who does not provide income – life insurance mistake #3


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life insurance mistakes

Undervaluing a spouse who is not bringing in any income. Until we stop to think and understand─ most of us do not realize how much the stay-at-home parent saves the family.

The amount of money needed to pay someone else to do the same things the stay-at-home parent does really adds up.. and fast! As explained in “What should a stay at home parent be paid?”

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