Under-estimating your families life insurance need – life insurance mistake #2


Posted on 14th April 2011 by Rita in Life Insurance |Life Insurance Mistakes

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life insurance mistakes

Under-estimating your families life insurance need. People often underestimate the amount they should purchase.  There are a number of on-line calculators to help with this.  My suggestion: use a North Coast Life Life Insurance Needs worksheet and the Life & Health Insurance Foundation for Education calculator.  When you would like to reseach this on your own.  But always speak with a qualified representative, who will be able to identify and assess needs you may not have thought about. Besides Licensed representatives can provide you with the best product options for your unique situation.

The Life Foundation asks two great questions help get you started with this very important need…

  1. How much will be needed at death to meet immediate obligations?
  2. How much future income is needed to sustain the household?

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Getting hitched? One detail you may have missed.


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Newly Weds

Spring and summer are just around the corner, so what does that mean? Weddings will be in full force. It is the unofficial season for Weddings when the weather does a turn from cold and dreary to warm and sunshiny. Engaged couples have many details to think about for their up-coming ceremony. Working out the budget, picking out the wedding party and guests to reserving the venues and hiring various people to help make this your unforgettable day.

Wow! This can be beyond overwhelming. Thank goodness there are many websites available to help you keep this planning process organized.


Halloween Safety Tips


Posted on 26th October 2010 by Rita in NCL News & Events

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Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

Halloween is so much fun! The excitement of dressing up in a costume is something that even some of us adults understand is a great way to spice up your day from all the rest in the year. But unfortunately Halloween is the one night out of the year that sees child pedestrian death rates double. (http://www.safekids.org/our-work/news-press-releases/halloween.html)

Parents – remember your part. (more…)

What should a stay at home Parent be Paid?


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Stay at Home Parents Income

Have you ever imagined what a stay at home Parent’s salary would be? I have a friend who has the privilege of having this job, but recently she has felt completely overwhelmed with her weekly duties. Which had me thinking what exactly would the amount be if she were paid a salary for all the things she does in a week. Stay at home parents are often faced with the daily challenge (more…)

Some is Better Than NONE


Posted on 19th February 2010 by Rita in Life Insurance

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Most of us insure our homes, cars and businesses. Are these material things more important than our loved ones? Pondering this question helps us understand how Life Insurance provides protection for our family and love ones from losing the ability to make the mortgage or car payment. It may ensure your children receive (more…)