Why Final Expense Life Insurance?


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whole life final expense insurance<< click image for your FREE printable Final Expense brochure.

Why final expense life insurance?

In a nutshell… Final Expense Life Insurance is all about freeing your family and loved ones from the expenses they acquire at the time of your death.

For many of us, this is one of the most distasteful subjects to think about, much less plan for. Imagine for a moment, your loved ones having to plan your funeral with out knowledge of your wishes. Than imagine their struggles to come up with the money for your final expenses while going through a very difficult time. Final Expense Life Insurance can relieve your loved ones from this financial burden, while allowing them to focus on the issues that matter most when a loved one dies.

Providing your loved ones with a benefit and removing a burden is (more…)

Are You Providing Protection for Your Child’s Future?


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family picture

As a parent, it is important you understand your options when it comes to protecting your children. Actively protecting your children is a full time job and is not limited to making sure they have their helmet on when bike riding and understanding it is not okay to talk with strangers. It also means if you pass away, providing your children with the resources they (more…)

How to Pay off Mortgage with Life Insurance

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mortgage protectionOne of the major investments in life, is your home. If others depend on your income to make the mortgage payment, seems to make sense to have some mortgage protection in place if you unexpectedly die.

Proper financial planning for mortgage protection could be the difference between financial devastation or not. Term life insurance may be the perfect solution to this dilemma if you still owe on your home mortgage. It is designed as low cost coverage for a specified period of time.

Here’s how it works: say you have 5 to 30 years on your home mortgage. If you purchase a term life insurance policy for same period of time and for the amount still owed on your mortgage… Then if you should die unexpectedly during the “term” the policy is in force, your love ones receive the face value of the policy purchased. The proceeds from the insurance policy will pay off the home mortgage. Making this one less thing for your loved ones to worry about during a difficult time.

Not only can the proceeds pay the mortgage, but the money can be used for any purpose your loved ones choose. For example, they may want to pay off a high interest credit card debt or a new car loan or use it for their cost of living expenses while they are going through a difficult time. Life insurance benefits are usually tax free and the beneficiary chooses how the money will be used.

Questions to ask yourself: if I died today…
Would my loved ones be able to stay in their current home?
How will the mortgage and other living expenses be paid?
Is my spouse’s income sufficient to maintain the daily expenses?

Note: This discussion covers the type of insurance that will pay off your mortgage balance in the event of your death. This should not to be confused with mortgage protection insurance which covers your mortgage payments in the event your are unemployed, sick or, injured.

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How to Replace Income with Life Insurance


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replace income

No one likes to imagine what it would be like if the worst happens. If people depend on your income, such as young children, spouse, dependent adults or parents, proper planning can save them from financial devastation.

Life Insurance can be used as an income replacement. (more…)

Sticker Shock Affects your Decision – life insurance mistake #7


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Sticker Shock…

The purpose of Life Insurance is to PROVIDE. It is not intended to PROVIDE with superabundance.

Most people think Life Insurance is “Too Expensive”. Probably in part because many do not understand the actual cost of insuring a life. (view: life insurance needs worksheet)

Would your household have trouble meeting expenses if the primary or secondary income earner died today?

Many reports are stating the U.S. Is at a 50 year low for life insurance ownership. In turn this means (more…)