Final Expense Life Insurance, Do I need it?

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Posted on 18th March 2010 by Rita in Retirement and Estate Planning |WHOLE LIFE Insurance

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Whole Final Expense Life InsuranceYou may have heard of the term “Final Expense” Life Insurance, wondered how this product differs from traditional insurance coverage and if this affects you? If so – you’re in luck… I believe it is important for you to know the difference in order for you to make the best decision when it comes to protecting your family and loved ones, so lets dive into this one a little bit here.

Being somewhat self-explanatory – “Final Expense” life insurance covers the cost of (more…)

Why do I need Life Insurance?


Posted on 11th September 2009 by Rita in Life Insurance

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Simply put… You need Life Insurance if people depend on you for financial support. This could be your spouse, children, or dependent parents.

6 Common Needs for Life Insurance:

Replace your income.If people depend on your income, your death causes a financial shortfall. Life Insurance can replace (more…)