Is Your Tax Refund Money Well Spent?


Posted on 27th February 2013 by Rita in Life Insurance

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tax refund money well spent

The average tax refund has slightly fallen from last years $3,109 to $2,985 (statistics via: The good news is – it’s only a slight drop and still plenty of refund money to purchase your special something you may have had your eye on. Or maybe you can’t decide what to do with the extra cash… Why not use it for something meaningful and something everyone would like to have in an unfortunate time – like life insurance?

The most common reason to purchase life insurance is to provide for the people who depend on your income. (more…)

What should a stay at home Parent be Paid?


Posted on 25th October 2010 by Rita in Life Insurance |TERM Life Insurance |WHOLE LIFE Insurance

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Stay at Home Parents Income

Have you ever imagined what a stay at home Parent’s salary would be? I have a friend who has the privilege of having this job, but recently she has felt completely overwhelmed with her weekly duties. Which had me thinking what exactly would the amount be if she were paid a salary for all the things she does in a week. Stay at home parents are often faced with the daily challenge (more…)