Undervalue a Spouse who does not provide income – life insurance mistake #3


Posted on 15th April 2011 by Rita in Life Insurance |Life Insurance Mistakes

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life insurance mistakes

Undervaluing a spouse who is not bringing in any income. Until we stop to think and understand─ most of us do not realize how much the stay-at-home parent saves the family.

The amount of money needed to pay someone else to do the same things the stay-at-home parent does really adds up.. and fast! As explained in “What should a stay at home parent be paid?”

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Not Obtaining Any At All – life insurance mistake #1


Posted on 13th April 2011 by Rita in Life Insurance |Life Insurance Mistakes

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life insurance mistakes

When it comes to the subject of Life Insurance… by far the BIGGEST Mistake would be Not Obtaining  Any At All!

In tough times life insurance may be the only financial product that continues to do what it was designed to do… Provide for your family’s Financial Security!

Read: “When in Tough Times” for details.  (You may be surprised to know (more…)

What is… the Gift of LOVE?


Posted on 9th February 2011 by Rita in Life Insurance |TERM Life Insurance |WHOLE LIFE Insurance

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Valentine Gift of Love

Looking for that Extra Special Valentine’s Day Gift?

How about Giving the gift of Love this Valentines Day!

A Real expression of Love to those you care about the most.

Something that shows loved ones you care so much that you’ve made plans to provide for them… in your absence.


No Need to Fear the Life Insurance Talk.


Posted on 22nd November 2010 by Rita in Life Insurance |TERM Life Insurance

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couple having intense conversation

Don’t let Fear stop you from having this critical conversation

There never is a a good time to talk about death, but delaying this… does not bring a better time or situation when it is better.

According to a recent State Farm Survey 74% say they rarely or never discuss this taboo subject. Although more people say life insurance is (more…)

What should a stay at home Parent be Paid?


Posted on 25th October 2010 by Rita in Life Insurance |TERM Life Insurance |WHOLE LIFE Insurance

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Stay at Home Parents Income

Have you ever imagined what a stay at home Parent’s salary would be? I have a friend who has the privilege of having this job, but recently she has felt completely overwhelmed with her weekly duties. Which had me thinking what exactly would the amount be if she were paid a salary for all the things she does in a week. Stay at home parents are often faced with the daily challenge (more…)