Organize it… How to Store Your Life Insurance Policy & Other Crucial Paperwork

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Posted on 14th September 2010 by Rita in 401k |Annuities |IRA |Life Insurance |Retirement and Estate Planning |TERM Life Insurance |WHOLE LIFE Insurance

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Files to Organize your paperwork
You’ve done all the work on important issues… when it comes to protecting those you love. Now make sure all your documents are in safe keeping and that someone knows where to find these documents. One of the main reasons for your “think ahead planning” is to ease the burden to your love ones… so don’t over look the fact that someone needs to know where to find all the paperwork.

Commonly there will be 3 people with a set of your crucial documents: (more…)

When In Tough Times…


Posted on 13th July 2010 by Rita in Life Insurance

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When in Tough Times FamilyLife Insurance is a financial product that has proven to hold its Financial Value. Can you say that about your other investments?

When in tough times – More Than Ever – Life Insurance is needed!     Why? You may ask… (more…)

Suze Orman’s advice on Term Life Insurance


Posted on 6th July 2010 by Rita in TERM Life Insurance

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Life Insurance is about Protection. No one wants to burden loved ones with an uncertain financial future. Term Life Insurance is an affordable way to help provide financial security for your personal or business needs.

Suze Orman’s video explains how Term Life Insurance is the smart choice!