Get the Best Insurance Rates from your Insurance Agent


Posted on 14th March 2013 by Rita in Life Insurance

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get the best life insurance rates from your agent

Independent Insurance Agents are trained and experienced in assessing your personal financial risks and choosing the most appropriate risk management strategies that work with your budget.

Did you know that both consumers and insurance carriers benefit from the use of (more…)

What Life Insurance Agents DO for You…


Posted on 2nd February 2010 by Rita in Life Insurance

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An Agent can help you get the BEST insurance rate…

With more and more Life Insurance websites offering you the option to choose your policy on line with a few quick clicks… You may be thinking… “what is the benefit of working with an Insurance Agent?” or “Is it a good idea to work with an agent?” It Absolutely is a good idea to work with an agent! — I know, I know… I can see your eyes rolling right now… (more…)