Why “Key Person” Life Insurance is Important.


Posted on 2nd September 2011 by Rita in FREE Consumer Guides |How To's of Life Insurance

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key employee life insurance

Would your business survive the loss of a Key Person?

Every business has assets that need to be protected, whether those assets are buildings, equipment, automobiles etc. However, often over looked is what may be a companies most valuable assets – Key People (aka: key employee). While, all employees serve an important role in the businesses where they work, certain Key People are essential to the overall success of a businesses.

In a nutshell – Key Person Insurance protects your business against the loss of a a key person. If there would be a financial loss to a business from an (more…)

Why do I need Life Insurance?


Posted on 11th September 2009 by Rita in Life Insurance

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Simply put… You need Life Insurance if people depend on you for financial support. This could be your spouse, children, or dependent parents.

6 Common Needs for Life Insurance:

Replace your income.If people depend on your income, your death causes a financial shortfall. Life Insurance can replace (more…)