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Awe Valentines Day! A wonderful opportunity to celebrate those you love. And not just your significant other. Include the whole family in this fun and celebrate those you love. There are so many ways to make small or big gestures of heartfelt fun on this occasion. Valentines gifts bring smiles and joy to those who mean the most to you.

Traditional Gifts are in abundance: Cards, Love Letters, Sweet Treats and Games. Or how about Romantic Dinners, Jewelery and Trips to celebration your love. There are even some fun (more…)

Mom’s You Are the BEST!


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Thank you, for your caring heart, loving hands, many pearl’s of wisdom, your grace, patience, encouragement and most of all your LOVE.

To all Mom’s Have a Wonderful Mother’s Day!

Great Ways to Show Your LOVE

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It’s almost here… Valentine’s Day!

For some people this is another dreaded day that has been commercialized and tries to guilt you into showing your affection in extravagant and expensive ways. I get it… either you embrace the day or bah-humbug it all together. 

Personally, I believe Valentine’s Day is a great (more…)

Christmas Giving, Love and Laughter


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merry Christmas

During the giving season, I love hearing about all the wonderful Spirit of Giving stories. This time of year is so hard on many of us that it takes some extra oomph to get through the season. For me hearing about (more…)

Mother’s are the Best!


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Many of the most ingenious moves made by Moms, take place when the only witnesses are the kids – so no gratifying Woo-Hoo, Thumbs-ups or Job well done. Well today North Coast Life is here to recognize all of Mom’s superpowers. All the many, many messes and meltdowns that didn’t happen because of a wonderful person called Mom.

To Moms: For all that you do, YOU ROCK!!!

Moms are the best, because they still love you when you color on the walls or miss curfew. They still love you when you tell them (more…)