Newlyweds Financial To Do List


Posted on 24th July 2013 by Rita in FREE Consumer Guides

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newlywed financial to do list

There are many details newlyweds need to tend to after the wedding excitement dies down. Since the majority of newlyweds are combining households and finances a financial to do list is a must. Below you will find a list for this task, you can also click on the image (left) if you would like to print it out.

Change Beneficiaries: If you want your spouse to own these assets should something happen to you It would be wise to go through all of your insurance policies (LIFE, health, auto, home owners), investment accounts, savings accounts, 401(k) plans, IRAs, and any other accounts and (more…)

Failure to have an Annual Policy Checkup – life insurance mistake #8


Posted on 17th January 2012 by Rita in Life Insurance |Life Insurance Mistakes

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annual policy checkup

Problems tend to occur when a life insurance policy is purchased, and payments are continually provided without ever making sure the policy continues to meet your present day needs. 

A shocking number of policies are payable to ex-spouses or others whom the insured would NOT have wanted to receive the proceeds since things have changed from the time the policy was originally put into place. A common occurrence overlooked (more…)

How often should you have a Policy Check up?

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Posted on 14th April 2010 by Rita in Life Insurance

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how often should you have a policy checkup

Frequent Life insurance policy checkups are crucial!

Why?… As most of us know… few things are more important than guaranteeing our loved ones will be financially taken care of should death come unexpectedly. It is understandable that we avoid this responsibility because of the undesired emotions brought about when reviewing such plans. 

You may want to think of it this way… (more…)