Great Ways to Show Your LOVE

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Posted on 30th January 2013 by Rita in NCL News & Events

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It’s almost here… Valentine’s Day!

For some people this is another dreaded day that has been commercialized and tries to guilt you into showing your affection in extravagant and expensive ways. I get it… either you embrace the day or bah-humbug it all together. 

Personally, I believe Valentine’s Day is a great (more…)

Valentines Day 2012


Posted on 14th February 2012 by Rita in Life Insurance |NCL News & Events

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valentines day love

 February – the month of LOVE. Many converge on the jewelry stores, florist shops and the nearest chocolate outlets to pick out that special something for their special someone. Although there is no denying that a bouquet of reds,pinks & whites or a box of sparkle is always welcome, there is a GIFT that can have a greater impact on your Valentine… Life insurance is the one gift that will ensure your loved one(s) will be taken care of financially, even in your absence.

Many families have no life insurance in place which in turn leaves many families to face potential ruin when the income from their loved one is no longer available…

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What is… the Gift of LOVE?


Posted on 9th February 2011 by Rita in Life Insurance |TERM Life Insurance |WHOLE LIFE Insurance

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Valentine Gift of Love

Looking for that Extra Special Valentine’s Day Gift?

How about Giving the gift of Love this Valentines Day!

A Real expression of Love to those you care about the most.

Something that shows loved ones you care so much that you’ve made plans to provide for them… in your absence.