What is Term Life Insurance?


Posted on 28th June 2010 by Rita in TERM Life Insurance

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Term life insurance is known for being among the most affordable life insurance policies a person can purchase. The initial premiums are guaranteed and remain level for the term chosen. The terms typically vary from 5-20 years. Term life insurance is affordable because (more…)

You may need Life Insurance If…


Posted on 18th September 2009 by Rita in Life Insurance

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6 Life examples…

Young Families: If you are considering starting a family, Life Insurance should be obtained. At this point in your life it would be to your advantage to obtain life insurance since rates are lower at younger ages and can be locked in for, a predetermined amount of time.

Established Families: If you have family and/or others who depend on you, then there is no question that you have a definite need for Life Insurance. This is not limited to the person who works (more…)